If I have an actual photo, will it be damaged?

Absolutely not. When you send us your photo, we simply digitize it on our flatbed scanner. We will return the photo to you, unharmed, with your finished My Photo Impression frame. Make sure you send us your photo in a hardcover envelope so that it is not damaged in the mail.

What is the carved impression made of?

Originally the impressions were made of porcelain. We do not use porcelain because of its fragile quality. The material we use is more durable and should last longer, but it still has the high quality appearance and feel as the historic orginals had. For the impression (carved piece), we use a modern material which is a blend of polymers and resins. The material is extremely durable and will not fade or change in time like ordinary photos. The exact composition of the material is a trade secret.

Your custom My Photo Impression frame looks so thin. Does it include a light source?

Yes. We include the most advanced, energy efficient LED light panel in the world to evenly light the custom impression. It protrudes beyond the back of the frame by less than a quarter of an inch.

Can I keep the My Photo Impression frame on all the time?

Yes. Each frame is equipped with an advanced LED light panel that delivers even illumination across the entire display with little energy consumption. It takes little electricity to light up and does not get hot. Most of our customers keep their My Photo Impression frame on day and night in order to get the full effect.

Can I replace the light source?

The life of the LED light panel is 80,000+ hours. We guarantee the light source to be free from manufacturer’s defects for 2 years. Just send the frame back to us, and we will replace the light panel for free. After your two year warranty had expired, Contact us and we will replace the light source for a minimal fee.

How long does it take to receive a custom My Photo Impression frame?

Generally, it takes 2 weeks from the time we receive the file/photo until your custom My Photo Impression order leaves our facility to be shipped to your door. Depending on how many days in transit your package will be, the complete process is 2-3 weeks. Rush orders are welcomed. Please let us know if you need it by a certain date in your Order form.

What image/photo should I choose?

The one or ones you like best, which hold a special place in your heart are customers’ favorites. Remember, the quality of your My Photo Impression frame is directly related to the quality of the photograph/file you send. Click here for more information about Image Quality.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes, BUT electrical components of the optical light panel comply with the US electrical standard. Customers ordering from other countries will need to purchase a transformer or adapter. Also, some countries have tariffs that are not included in our pricing structure. Please contact us if you are wishing to place an international order.

What if I want a custom size or multiple pictures in one frame?

We can accommodate your needs. Just click contact us and let us know about your custom needs, and we will contact you by phone with pricing and availability information.